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The meaning and characteristics of the name Emilia


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The mystery of the name

Spring Emilia is a noisy and sociable woman. She is persistent in achieving goals and stubborn. Such a woman is well versed in science and art, she can easily shine in a chosen society. Life with her is difficult. Emilia is demanding and picky about her household, but she also knows how to admit her mistakes.

Autumn Emilia devotes herself to an interesting business, she is rarely free. She does not like to devote herself to the au pair. She is not indifferent to politics, she is an erudite person.

Summer Emilia is a balanced and calm girl. She is unpretentious and kind. He devotes a lot of time to his family, can become an excellent housewife.

Emilia is getting married late enough. She is in no hurry to become a mother, but for a start she is trying to achieve material well-being. She is not worried about the financial situation of her beloved partner, since she can achieve everything herself.

Famous people

Emilia of Caesarea (Cappadocian) (saint)
Emilia Lepida (traditional female name of the patrician ancient Roman family of the Emilia)
Emilia Spivak ((born 1981) Russian theater and film actress)
Emilia Shanks ((1857 - 1936) Anglo-Russian artist, the first female painter to be admitted to the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions)
Emilia Fadini ((born 1930) Italian harpsinist and musicologist)
Emilia Pardo Basan ((1851 - 1921) Spanish (Galician) writer)
Emilia (Emilia) ((born 1982) full name - Emilia Yancheva Vyleva, Bulgarian pop-folk singer)
Emilia Uggla ((1819 - 1855) Swedish aristocrat, pianist, singer)
Emilia Lileeva ((1824 - 1893) opera singer (lyric and dramatic soprano))
Emilia Rydberg ((born 1978) Swedish pop singer)
Emilia Turey ((born 1984) Russian handball player, winger of the Russian national team)
Emilia Milton ((1902 - 1978) Russian actress)
Emilia Musina-Pushkina ((1810 - 1846) a famous beauty (Madrigal Lermontov is dedicated to her), a friend of A.S. Pushkin, sister of the famous Aurora Demidova)
Emilia Plater ((1806 - 1831) Countess, participant of the November Uprising)
Emilia Flöge ((1874 - 1952) Austrian fashion designer)
Emilia Fox ((born 1974) British theater and film actress)
Emilia Heim ((1885 - 1954) Austrian singer (soprano))
Emilia Chegrintseva ((1904 - 1989) Russian poet of the "first wave" of Emigration, member of a number of literary associations in Prague)
Emilia Shtina ((1910 - 2007) algologist, doctor of biological sciences, professor)

Name forms

Short form of the name Emilia. Emilia, Mila, Ema, Elya, Emilinya, Mila, Milinya, Milita, Mimi, Emilika, Liana, Leah, Milika. Synonyms for the name Emilia. Emily, Emilyn, Emilie, Emilia, Omelyana, Emiliana, Emiliana.

In Russian, the name Emilia sounded like Emilia, and also as a derivative of the male name Omelyan - Omelyan.

Diminutive-affectionate terms Mila, Liana and Leah are also independent names.

Astrological characteristics

Zodiac: Cancer
Name color: blue
Radiation: 99%
Planets: Uranus
Talisman Stone: Aquamarine
Plant: Sweet pea
Totem animal: jellyfish
Main character traits: will, intuition, activity, sexuality


Planet: Sun.
Element: Fire, warmth, dryness.
Zodiac: Leo.
Color: Yellow, bright red, gold.
Day: Sunday.
Metal: Gold.
Mineral: Chrysolite, heliotrope, carbuncle, diamond (especially yellow).
Plants: Heliotrope, mistletoe, peony, ginger, laurel, cedar, lemon, wild rose, olive, almond, oak.
Beasts: Lion, eagle, falcon, scarab.

Name as a phrase

E (YE = E) Esi
M Think
AND AND (Union, Connect, Union, UNITY, One, Together, "Together with")
L People
AND AND (Union, Connect, Union, UNITY, One, Together, "Together with")
I (YA = A) Az

Compatibility and incompatibility

Compatibility - Abraham, Valentine, Zinovy, Hippolytus, Nestor, Felix, Edward.

Incompatibility - Ananias, Galaktion, David, Demid, Eustathius, Isaac, Konon, Hosea, Protas, Rogday.

Meanings of the letters of the name

E - the ability to see the background of events, the wrong side of people, good command of the language in oral speech and writing. Curiosity, sometimes excessive, sneakiness. Striving to show their belonging to the "good society".
M - caring person, willingness to help, shyness is possible. At the same time, warning the owner that he is part of nature and should not succumb to the temptation to "pull the blanket over himself." Predatory towards nature, the owner of this letter harms himself.
And - subtle spirituality, sensitivity, kindness, peacefulness. Outwardly, a person shows practicality as a screen for hiding a romantic soft nature.
L - a subtle perception of beauty, artistic (artistic) talents, the desire to share knowledge and feelings with a partner. A warning to its owner not to waste his life, to find his true purpose.
And - subtle spirituality, sensitivity, kindness, peacefulness. Outwardly, a person shows practicality as a screen for hiding a romantic soft nature.
I am self-esteem, the desire to achieve respect and love from the environment and the ability to receive them.

In other languages

Consider the spelling and sound of a name in Chinese, Japanese and other languages: Chinese (how to write in hieroglyphs): 艾米利亞 (Ài mǐlì yǎ). Japanese: エ ミ リ ア (Emiria). Gujarati: ઈમિલિઆ (Īmili'ā). Hindi: एमिलिया (Ēmiliyā). Ukrainian: Емілія. Kannada: ಎಮಿಲಿಯಾ (Emiliyā). English: Emilia (Emilia).


Emilia's character can be called not very balanced. This woman is somewhat conflicted, intolerant and demanding of people, capable of starting her life from scratch. She is distinguished by great self-confidence, which is why Emilia can constantly go against the fact that does not fit her outlook on life. Such stubbornness is observed in the owner of this name since childhood. As a rule, this girl is quite calm in appearance, has great internal energy and is developed beyond her years.

She studies well, but does not like it when adults demonstrate their superiority, do not explain, but impose their opinion. It will be quite difficult for parents to raise Emilia, since she is difficult to educate, she herself draws knowledge about the world and forms her own ideas about right and wrong. Adult Emilia is an internally tense woman. She always seems to be in tune with the struggle, and therefore emanates from her with some kind of problematic.

Life is really often inhospitable to the owner of this name, but she endures adversity steadfastly, managing to maintain a friendly, albeit slightly demanding disposition. Emilia loves to be busy, so she is constantly on the move. She is a pretty kind person who likes people and knows how to present herself. She has many friends who love Emilia for being an interesting conversationalist and strong personality.

Ⓘ Emilia Lepida

  • Marcus Aemilius Lepidus - consul of 187 BC, great pontiff and censor,
  • Emilia Lepida 4/3 BC e. - 53 - sister of Mark Lepidus the Younger,
  • Emilia Lepida Second d. OK. 20 - daughter of Lepidus the Younger,
  • Junia Lepida d. after 66 - the wife of Gaius Cassius Longinus, presumably executed by Nero on charges of sorcery and incestuous relations with L. Junius' nephew Silanus Torquatus.
  • Marcus Aemilius Lepidus mind. after 24 - consul 6, senator,
  • Marcus Aemilius Lepidus 6 - 39 - son of the previous one, husband of Caligula's sister, Drusilla, executed by Augustus on suspicion of conspiracy,
  • Emilia Lepida Tertia d. OK. 36 - the daughter of Mark Lepidus, consul of 6, committed suicide on charges of adultery with a slave,
  • Marcus Aemilius Lepidus c. 120 - 77 BC e. - Consul 78,
  • Emilia Lepida Quarta - daughter of Mania Lepida, wife of Galba,
  • Manius Emilius Lepidus - procurator of Asia since 21,
  • Marcus Aemilius Lepidus c. 90 - 13 BC e. - triumvir, great pontiff,

Article source:

Emilia Romagna, tours to Emilia Romagna, tours, vacations in.

Basilica Aemilia was built by Marcus Fulvius Nobilior and Marcus Emilius Lepidus in 179 BC. Relatives of Emilia more than once. Marcus Aemilius Lepidus circa 121 77 BC e. The base between Italy and Gaul. The region received its name Emilia from the name of Marcus Emilius Lepidus, a Roman military leader and diplomat.

Synchronous tournament Uma chamber. 2nd round. Question 10 What? Where.

Member of the second triumvirate and Great Pontiff. Aemilius Lepidus was the son of Marcus Aemilius Lepidus and Apulea, daughter of the rebel Apuleius Saturninus. His. Emilia Lepida is What is Emilia Lepida ?. Union of Mark Antony, Octavian and Emilius Lepidus. II triumvirate 43 BC e. Dio Cassius, Roman History, XVI, 50 56. After the victory at Mutin.

Emilia Lepida biography.

Emilia Romagna was conquered by the Romans, who turned it into an outpost between Italy and Gaul. In the 2nd century BC. Mark Emilius Lepidus. Emilia Lepida is What is Emilia Lepida ?. Dynastic affairs. A.D. 74 Drusus Caesar Augustus is 60 years old, he has a 37-year-old son, alt Nero, two adult married granddaughters. The book The Fall of the Titan, or October horse read online. Emilia Lepida. In 100 AD he participated in the suppression of the movement of Saturninus Cic. Rab. 21. In 89 BC. e., during the Allied.

8. Union of Mark Antony, Octavian and Emilia Lepidus. II.

The region got its name in honor of the Roman military leader and diplomat Marcus Emilius Lepidus. In 175 BC. under his command was. Historica Genealogical charts. Maiestas in the Roman Empire: the Cases of Emilia Lepida, Clutorius Prisca and Cremucius. Korda 20, 21 and 25 AD IVS ANTIQVVM. Ancient law. 1 13. Home Integral community. Emilia. Emilia lat. Aemilius, Aemilii, ancient famous Roman Mark E. Lepidus Lepidus, in 201 BC. e. was sent as ambassador to Ptolemy V.

Marcus Aemilius Lepidus Consul 126 BC e.

10: Lucius Vettius once accused three people of conspiracy to assassinate Pompey, Lucius Aemilius Lepidus Paul, Curio the Younger and HIM. For the suppression of the rebellion, the conspiracy of Catiline and Roman denarii. Emilia lat. Aemilii. Founder: Mamerk Emil. Branches of the genus: Lepids, Mamerki Mark Aemilius Lepidus consul 187, 175 BC e., great pontiff.

Resorts of Italy Emilia Romagna Travel portal.

Emilia Romagna, Italy: interesting places, excursions, photos that Emilia Romagna bears the name of the Roman commander Marcus Emilia Lepidus mind. Author's tour: treasures of Emilia Romagna in the footsteps. For this article, the Name card template has not been completed. You can help the project by adding it. Emilia Lepida lat. Aemilia Lepida is traditional. Emilia Lepida Genealogy of aristocratic families of the world. Emilia Lepida. Emperor Galba's wife, reign 68 69 The only wife of the Emperor Galba, gave birth to two sons.

Emilia Wikiz.

Peninsula they came to the Adriatic. In 187 BC, the Roman consul Emilius Lepidus ordered the construction of the consular road Via Emilia. Tsirkin Yu.B. Revolt of Lepidus Ancient world and archeology. The Romans developed territories, built a road, which later bore the name of the diplomat and military leader Mark Emilius Lepidus. In his own name. Emilia Romagna is the gastronomic capital of Travel Hunter. Cognomen Lepida is descended from the mother of Lucius Domitius, Emilia Lepida. In addition to her, the family had two more children of Domitius Lepidus. Rest in Reggio nel Emilia: hotels, excursions In honor of the Roman general Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, who in 175 BC. paved the road from Rimini to Piacenza. In 402 AD. LEPIDUS translation of the Latin Russian Concise Dictionary. II Lepidus, i m Lepidus, cognomen in the genus Emiliev M. Aemilius Lepidus Mark Emilia Lepidus, participant of the 2nd triumvirate together with Octavian and.

Reggio Emilia. Sights. What.

Cases of Emilia Lepida, Clutoria Prisca and Cremucia Corda. Roman historical material serves as the basis for the author's conclusions, the meaning of which. From the history of treason trials laesa maiestas. About the elder brother of Marc Emilia Lepidus the younger, we will tell you more in more detail below. The middle brother of Lucius Aemilius Lepidus Paul was able to rise to the rank. Read the entire book of Women of Caesar online by Colin. Coccei Nerva, Emilia Lepida, Salvidiena, Vinicia. Even at this time, however, state experience and the maturity of judgment were not considered.

Law on insult to greatness lex laesae maiestatis as a tool.

The region received its name Emilia from the name of Marcus Emilius Lepidus, a Roman military leader and diplomat. In 175 BC under it. DOMITIA LEPIDA biography and family. Reggio Emilia is a city in Italy, in the Emilia Romagna region. The city is located Regium Lepidi, named after the consul Marcus Emilius Lepidus. Emilia Romagna, region Italy Tochka na. Great Russian Encyclopedia. EMILIA. Authors: N. S. Almazova. EMILIA several. branches of E. - Mamerki, Lepids, Pavla, Skavra, Barbula, etc.

Emilia Romagna - Italy in Russian.

Marcus Aemilius Lepidus was the son of Marcus Aemilius Lepidus and Apulea, daughter of the rebel Apuleius Saturninus. His father also participated in the uprising against. Remains of the bridge of the censor Emilia Lepida. There were also piquant anecdotes about Cato's unrequited love for Metellus Scipio's wife, Emilia Lepida, and fragments of the terrible poem he wrote. The last upsurge of the revolutionary movement. Attempt. Mark Emilia Lepidus. OK. 53 became an aedile, in 52 - interrex interrex, inter-tsar, in 49 - praetor, after which he performed proconsular in 48–47. Emilia Romagna Italy all about the city traveler Emilia Lepida lat. Aemilia Lepida, approx. 9 36 the daughter of the consul Mark Aemilia Lepidus, wife of Drusus Julius Caesar. Empress of the Holy Roman Empire Emilia Lepida. Peering into the pretty face of Emilia Earhart, I try to imagine how Emilia Lepida is Aemilia Lepida, the first and only wife of the emperor.

Marcus Aemilius Lepidus triumvir Roman dictators.

Emilia Lepida article from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Marcus Aemilius Lepidus Monarchs and rulers. Did you mean: Emilia Lepidus wife of Claudius a 2 Forum № 4. BC Y. was a legate under M. Emilia Lepidus, the governor of Spain, Anthony entered the camp of Lepidus, Juventius committed suicide. Great-granddaughter in Bulgarian Russian Bulgarian Glosbe. The region got its name in honor of the diplomat and Roman military leader Mark Emilius Lepidus. Fast forward to the era.

Marc Emilius Lepidus Legio X Fretensis.

They turned the region into a fortified base between Italy and Gaul. The region received its name Emilia from the name of Mark Emilia Lepidus. The ancient city of arts. Reggio Emilia, Italy On the hook. The territory is named in honor of Marcus Emilius Lepidus, who was a Roman military leader and diplomat. It was he in 175 BC. Emilia Romagna, Italy Real estate in Italy Arcasa Group. It is called Emilieva Aemilia in honor of the Roman consul Marcus Emilius Lepidus, who initiated its construction in 187. Marcus Emilius Lepidus. If the speech in Italy of the consul Marcus Aemilius Lepidus failed, then in Spain the uprising, raised by the Marian Quintus Sertorius, is in the first place.

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