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Sandpiper: Long-toed Sandpiper Sea Sandpiper Western Sandpiper Byrd Sandpiper Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Bonaparte Sandpiper Long-legged Sandpiper Long-tailed Sandpiper


see also 10.6.2. Rod Sandpit - Calidris

Small sandpiper Calidris pusilla

Very similar to the sparrow sandpiper, but toes with membranes, in summer the chest is without streaks.

It differs from the web-toed sandpiper with a straight beak, a back without a red tint, a pure white throat and chest. The legs are black.

In recent years found nesting in the Chukchi Peninsula. The voice is a low, raspy "creep" trill.

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Encyclopedia of the Nature of Russia. - M .: ABF.

R.L. Boehme, V.L. Dinets, V.E. Flint, A.E. Cherenkov.


  • Long-toed sandpiper
  • Sea sandpiper
  • Western sandpiper
  • Baird Sandpiper
  • Sharp-tailed sandpiper
  • Bonaparte Sandpiper
  • Long-legged sandpiper
  • Long-tailed sandpiper
  • Sandpipers - a genus of birds of the snipe family
  • Sandpiper-crumb
  • Redneck Sandpiper
  • Icelandic Sandpiper
  • Big sandpiper
  • Small sandpiper
  • Beringian Sandpiper
  • Sandpiper Cartoon is a short animated film by Pixar studio.
  • Sandman clothes - a children's suit in the form of a lightweight overalls.

  • The Canadian sandpiper reaches a length of 18 to 20 cm.The wingspan is from 43 to 48 cm.The weight varies from 55 to 75 g. The plumage of the Canadian sandpiper
  • Long-toed sandpiper lat. Calidris subminuta is a snipe family. Differs from other small sandpipers and above all from the sandpiper - sparrow
  • Icelandic sandpiper lat. Calidris canutus - a bird of the snipe family Scolopacidae Icelandic sandpiper - a compact bird with a short neck, its size
  • Bonaparte sandpiper lat. Calidris fuscicollis is a bird of the Bekasov family. The Russian name of the species is given in honor of the French ornithologist Charles Lucien Bonaparte
  • media file Tahitian sandpiper lat. Prosobonia leucoptera is an extinct species of birds of the snipe family. Endemic to Tahiti. The Tahitian Sandpiper was discovered in 1773
  • The sandpiper is a crumb of lat. Calidris minutilla is the smallest of the waders. The genus name comes from the ancient Greek kalidris or skalidris, a term used
  • Beringian sandpiper lat. Calidris ptilocnemis is a species of birds from the snipe family. Body length is from 20 to 22 cm, wingspan 38 - 44 cm, weight
  • Large sandpiper lat. Calidris tenuirostris - a bird of the snipe family, the largest representative of the sandpiper genus Nests in Eastern
  • Small sandpiper lat. Calidris pusilla is a small bird of the snipe family. Breeds mainly in southern tundra in Canada and Alaska
  • Baird sandpiper lat. Calidris bairdii is a bird of the snipe family. Named after American ornithologist Spencer Fullerton Byrd 1823 - 1887
  • Sandpiper - rudneck lat. Calidris ruficollis is a bird from the snipe family. The body length is 13 to 16 cm.The wingspan is 35 to
  • Sandboxes lat. Calidris is a genus of small to medium sized waders with a characteristic appearance and behavior. Traditionally
  • Sharp-tailed sandpiper lat. Calidris acuminata is a small sandpiper, a member of the snipe family. Nesting endemic to Russia: breeds in the tundra of Eastern
  • White-tailed sandpiper lat. Calidris temminckii is a sparrow-sized bird of the snipe family. Among the group of small sandpipers, where, in addition to the white-tailed
  • Stilt sandpiper stilt plover, or long-legged lat plover. Calidris himantopus, lat. Micropalama himantopus - a bird of the snipe family
  • It feeds on invertebrates. It is included in the group of small sandpipers together with the white-tailed, small sandpipers, the red-necked sandpiper and the sandpiper - the sparrow. Length 140 - 170
  • Sandpiper English Piper is an animated short film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Short film directed by Alan Barillaro. Released together
  • Goby - sandpiper or river goby lat. Neogobius fluviatilis is a species of ray-finned fish of the goby family of the Gobiiformes order. Ponto - Caspian relict species
  • Sea sandpiper lat. Calidris maritima - a bird from the snipe family, a fairly large sandpiper. Breeds on arctic coasts and mountain tundra
  • A. virgata Sandpipes Calidris Great sandpiper C.tenuirostris Icelandic sandpiper C. canutus Gerbil C. alba Lesser sandpiper C. pusilla Webtooth
  • Bartramia, or long-tailed sandpiper lat. Bartramia longicauda is a bird of the snipe family. The species is named after the American naturalist William Bartram
  • Ravara, or blue New Zealand sandpiper lat. Parapercis colias is a species of ray-finned fish of the canchit family Pinguipedidae of the order of perchiformes. Ravara
  • vanellus Icelandic Sandpiper - Calidris canutus Gerbil - Calidris alba Lesser Sandpiper - Calidris pusilla Sandpiper - Calidris mauri Sandpiper - Sparrow
  • sandpiper - Calidris canutus Gerbil - Calidris alba Sandpiper - ruby-necked - Calidris ruficollis Sandpiper - sparrow - Calidris minuta White-tailed sandpiper
  • interpres Great Sandpiper - Calidris tenuirostris Icelandic Sandpiper - Calidris canutus Gerbil - Calidris alba Small Sandpiper - Calidris pusilla
  • interpres Great Sandpiper - Calidris tenuirostris Icelandic Sandpiper - Calidris canutus Gerbil - Calidris alba Small Sandpiper - Calidris pusilla
  • the time of flights is collected here in hundreds of thousands, for example, the web-toed sandpiper Calidris pusilla Geographical encyclopedic dictionary: geographical
  • Arenaria interpres Icelandic Sandpiper - Calidris canutus Gerbil - Calidris alba Lesser Sandpiper - Calidris pusilla Redneck Sandpiper - Calidris ruficollis
  • Many animals are named after Temminck, including the white-tailed sandpiper Calidris temminckii cat Temminck Catopuma temminckii bulldog
  • Sandr isl. sandur - literally a sandpit from sand sand is a gentle undulating plain located in front of the outer edge of terminal moraines. Belongs

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