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  • Lofura Edwards, or Endwards pheasant (lat.Lophura edwardsi), is a species of bird from the pheasant family. Endemic to the rainforests of Vietnam. The species was described in 1896 and named after the French ornithologist Alphonse Milne-Edwards. In length reaches 58-65 cm. The skin is red. Males are blue-black in color, have a crest, and females are dull brown.

There are two varieties: L. e. edwardsi has a white crest and tail, while L. e. var. (Vietnamese pheasant) these places are colorful. Color differences may not be noticeable due to inbreeding.

In 2012, Edwards' lofura was listed as critically endangered by BirdLife International due to declining populations due to deforestation, hunting and the use of defoliants. Estimates of the number of animals range from 50 to 249 individuals (in the wild). Since 2000, lofurs have not been observed by humans, and in 2010 the World Pheasant Association received funding from the Critical Ecosystems Collaboration Fund to explore the forests of Central Vietnam.

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The Prague Zoo, one of the largest in Europe and one of the five most popular zoos in the world, officially opened its next season on 31 March. On his website you can find all the necessary information, including in Russian. Every year the zoo prepares new programs for visitors, talks with experts who study animals. At certain times you can watch performances with trained sea lions, see with your own eyes how the animals are fed, hear the stories of employees about their pets.

Prague, where rare birds nest

Lofur Edwards, or Edwards' pheasant, reaching a length of 58–65 cm, is also a rare species, males are blue-black with a tuft, and females are dull brown. Once inhabited in the tropical forests of Central Vietnam, in 2012 it was listed as critically endangered by BirdLife International. The last lofura was caught in 1997 and transferred to the Hanoi Zoo, where they reproduce successfully today. Birds have been living in the Prague Zoo since 1949 - over the decades, Edwards' pheasants have raised more than 130 chicks.

We are talking about this project with the director of the Prague Zoo, ornithologist Miroslav Bobek.

- Lofur Edwards belongs to those birds whose representatives, apparently, will not be found in the wild, since the species as such has been exterminated.Since 1997, these pheasants have not been observed in nature by humans - not a single case of their detection has been recorded. Therefore, our participation in the program for the conservation of this bird of the pheasant family, which we are leading, is of such great importance, including for the future return of the species to the wild.

- I, sadly, must confirm - the fact that our zoo is carrying out a program to rescue such an interesting and outwardly attractive bird, has not yet worried anyone. If it happened in an American zoo, this pheasant would turn into a star, and National Geographic would make more than one documentary about him. If this pheasant "lived" in the British Zoo, the BBC would also have released a film on this topic, but in Central Europe and in the Czech Republic itself, the fact that we became the coordinator of the Edwards Lofura conservation project, unfortunately, did not attract much attention from the media.

Swim, Gaston, swim!

The administration strives to make the territory of the zoo more interesting - there is a cable car, original playgrounds, places for recreation, cafes are equipped. One of them has been restored and named after the hero of the "Millennium Flood" - the sea lion Gaston, who in 2002 managed to swim away from the zoo and reach Germany, but this pet was no longer saved. The dramatic fate of the sea lion was followed in those tense days, not only in the Czech Republic.

Watermelon, a descendant of Gaston, was born just before the floods in 2002. However, Gaston was also destined to become a father after his death, which no one expected - a year after the flood, his daughter Abiba was born.The fur seal at the Prague Zoo is also immortalized in the form of a bronze statue. They not only erected monuments to him, but also dedicated books and even operas - the Saxon Opera House prepared a production entitled "Swim, Gaston, Swim!" about the sad fate of the Prague fur seal.

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